Kentucky Coffee Tree Seedlings - Year 2 - May 2022

By last September, they were leaf'd out and looking good.  Before the frost arrived, I decided to dig them into the landscape and let them try to overwinter outside.  I covered them with mulch and surrounded them with chicken wire to keep the rabbits out.  

Well...much to my surprise, these have come back. 

In that September post, I talked about how there were ten Kentucky Coffee tree seedlings and one small Maple tree seedling.  I dug these up and moved them to our raised bed by the patio.  Here, below, is what they look like after a long winter's nap:

By my count, there are nine (maybe ten) KCT seedlings and that one Maple that have made it.  Pretty good.  

#7 on 2022 to-do list was (in part) to continue to work the seedlings.

Next up on my list is to try to germinate these Honey Locust seeds.  


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