Virginia Bluebells Spreading Via Neighbor Garden - Spring 2022

I was doing a little garden walk this past week when I noticed something new poking thru the bottom of the fence.  It was tall and had blue flowers at the top of the flower stalk.  Could it be? Might it be?  Sure enough....have a look at the photo below and let's talk about what this flower is via our neighbor's garden:

That's a little naturalized Virginia Bluebell that has crept over (under) the fenceline.  I wrote about these Spring Ephemerals back in September here and included them in my 2022 plant wish list.  

And, #2 on my 2022 to-do list was to plant perennials that work across four-seasons where I mentioned the idea of a Spring Ephemeral like Virginia Bluebells.  

This feels like a gift, right? A little colony of Mertensia virginica that exists next door has drifted over the past few years, but I've always removed it. Why? Because I didn't 'get to know' this plant until last year. So, this year? I'm encouraging it to stay here and maybe even move over a little more.


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