Aaron Caladium Tubers Planted As Annuals - June 2022

Earlier this Spring, Nat brought home a package of Caladium tubers from Costco that I finally got around to digging into the beds.  These are Aaron Caladiums that I'm treating as annuals as I don't anticipate digging these tubers up to store for the season.  Aaron Caladiums are described as: "beautifully refined element to add to a shady site; luminous white leaves with feathered dark green margins; a great border accent that will tolerate some sun".  Here, below, is a look at the Longfield Gardens packaging showing the twelve tubers and the individual bags.

I decided to dig them into the south bed where they can sit in front of the Fanal Astilbes that run part of the border.   You can see the disturbed soil in the photo below.  

#14 on my 2022 to-do list was to work some tropicals into the landscape, so this checks part of that box.  And #16 on that list was to add some shade annuals.  These, too, check that box.  


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