Greenspire Linden Horizontal Espalier - June 2022

What a difference on month makes.  Especially when that month is in late Spring/early Summer.  Below, you'll see what the current state of the pair of Greenspire Linden trees that are pruned into a horizontal cordon espalier form in our backyard.  They've put on a TON of growth in the past four weeks and are in need of a cleanup.  It appears that the lowest tier of the espalier has (now) reached the end of the frame, so I'm thinking that I can take the framework down. you can tell from the photo....the tree is SO thick and lush that you can't *really* see the frame.

Here is what they looked like four weeks ago.  Below is a photo from mid-May of this year where you can see ALL FOUR levels of the horizontal cordon espalier:


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