Hacksaw Pocket Hosta - One Month In - June 2022

During the flurry of posts about the Morton Arboretum Plant Sale, I seem to have missed posting the details of this small, unique hosta that we bought and planted in our backyard.  Above, you can see the listing for the Hacksaw Pocket Hosta.  It is described as: "Vigorous, small green hosta with thin rippled leaves that have a serrated edge".  It stays small - just 6-9" tall, but when mature will get up to 2' across.  

Below is the plant tag for the Hacksaw Hosta.  You can tell that this one was pretty small in the container. 

We planted it in the backyard, near the Everillo sedges and Crested Surf ferns.  One month in, this hosta has put on some new growth.  I'll keep babying it for the season and then hope it will just go on autopilot like the rest of our more-mature hostas.  


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