More Sideyard Ostrich Ferns for Shade Gardens - June 2022

Yesterday, I showed a photo of a series of Ostrich Ferns that have worked a little and naturalized along the long, linear mulch bed that runs between our garage and the Bluestone chip gravel path that leads to our backyard.  After planting one (or maybe two) transplants, we now have eight Ostrich ferns of different sizes that have begun to fill the area in.  In that post, I mentioned that I also planted some bare root Ostrich Ferns a little further back along the garage (behind the fence gate).  Here's what those ferns now look like clustered close to the little stoop outside our sidedoor.  Below you can see the ferns that have unfurled in this little, narrow bed:

In this post in 2018, I said that I planted three bare root Ostrich Ferns here, but thanks to them spreading a little bit, we now have nine ferns of varying maturity.  See below for an annotated version of the same photo/area showing the nine now in orange circles:

There's also some Creeping Jenny Moneywort on the far end of that bed that has come back for the third season and some hostas that were planted here over the years.  My plan is to try to identify one or two of these that I can dig up and transplant *across* the walkway to small beds that are currently empty.  


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