Anemone Lucky Charm Planted - July 2022

There's a flowering perennial that I've been thinking about and chasing ever since we moved out of our house in Elmhurst.  Actually, there are a bunch of them.  But, one that I think about often:  Anemones.  Nat had them in her wedding day bouquet and her Mom bought us a plant back in 2010 and I just stuck it in the front yard garden.  It bloomed and grew.  And then we moved out.

I've admired an Anemone in one of our neighborhood gardens and always thought that I needed to plant some in our backyard garden. 

The moment finally arrived when I was looking at the nursery tables at North Wind Perennial Farm up in Wisconsin recently.  That's when I came across the sign you see above.  For Anemone 'Lucky Charm'.

The description reads - in part:  "Here's an anemone that welcomes the beginning of Spring with beautiful, dark purple foliage and ends the season with engaging dark pink flowers, touched with gold.  And, during the middle of Summer, your garden is accented with dark, rich green foliage."

Sounds lovely, right? I know just the spot in the backyard.  Close enough to view from the kitchen windows and patio.  Right in front of some of the Alice Oakleaf Hydrangeas.   Below you can see the three Anemones that we brought home set up in their spots:

And here, below, is all three dug-in:


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