Patio Containers - One Color Each - July 2022

The past few years, I've used a tricolor combination in the 'corner container' on our back patio that was inspired by beds in Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.  Red, Orange and blue/purple.  Last year it was marigolds, salvia and petunia.  Along with an Elephant Ear tucked into the corner for a little tropical flair.  

This year, I went a different route - with a monochromatic scheme.  Well... actually since the foliage is green and the flowers are all white, this might *technically* be a complementary scheme.  But, I'm going to call it one-color.  I went this route with both the corner wooden container and the larger clay pot that we've had for 10 years or so.

Let's start with the corner container.  I planted this with a combination of white flowering annuals and some foliage plants.  First, the flowers:  16 Catharanthus roseus - annual vinca. Those are the white flowers with red centers.  And 16 Easy Wave White spreading Petunias.  

I also tucked in a pair of Asparagus Ferns.  A pair of Fiber Optic Grasses.  And planted in the back a papyrus plant.   Below is a look at the planter a couple days after planting.  They've already started to fill in the spaces.  At the bottom of this post are photos of all the tags.

Next up is the larger, round container.  This one, is ALSO planted monocrhomatic-ly.  But, instead of all white, this one is maroon.  

See below for a photo of the container.  At the center are a pair of Prince Tut Graceful Grasses - another sport of papyrus.  A pair of trailing sweet potato vines - Ipomoea batatas 'Blackie', too.  And four statement plants: dark maroon Celosia cockscomb.  

I'll grab some photos of both of these as they fill out (and hopefully throw off some trailing habit).

Below are containers for most of these - some include proper names, some trade names.  


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