Purple Petunias, Yellow Zinnias and White Dusty Millers - Front Yard Annual Plantings - July 2022

Back at the beginning of the month, I posted some details and photos of our front yard annual plantings including their inspiration from Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.  At the time, I planted (only) a series of Dusty Miller white annuals and talked about how I'd fill them out with a few other colors and flowers.  After doing a little bit of hemming and hawing, I decided to just see what struck me at the big box garden center.  I ended up coming home with purple and yellows.  

Purple petunias.  24 of them.  And Yellow Zinnias.  18 of those. 

I planted the purple petunias in between each pair of the Dusty Millers.  And planted the Zinnias in a row *behind* those - closer to the house/boxwoods.  Below, you can see what they look like right now, immediately after planting.  

Here's a look at the yellow, flowering annual zinnias:

And, here below, is the purple petunia:

I'm hopeful that they'll fill-in and what I call 'get bushy'.  I'll monitor these across the balance of the Summer and will try to keep them well watered and fed.


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