Red Robin Cherry Tomatoes - July 2022

Yesterday, I posted some photos of our (very productive) bell pepper plant:  a King Arthur Sweet Bell Pepper variety.   I mentioned that we grew a tomato vine last year and it spilled over/out of our patio raised bed.   This year, at the Morton Arboretum Plant Sale, my Mom showed me a new (to me) idea:  a miniature tomato plant.  

This is the Red Robin Cherry Tomato.  And, in the photo below, you can see how has thrown off a ton of small, cherry tomatoes:

Here, below, is the tag from the plant:

Park Seeds has a nice listing for it here

This is a bush tomato.  There's no vine.  It grew a small bush and is fruiting all over the place.  It seems that this one is a quick-grower and will put all the tomatoes up at once.  

Ever want a true 'container tomato'?  This Red Robin has worked really well for us.  Just like the King Arthur Sweet Bell Pepper, this feels like a re-buy next year.  


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