Nimblewill Turning White from Tenacity - August 2022

Earlier this month, I was able to (finally and properly) identify that I have a creeping bentgrass problem in my backyard that includes a spreading (and concerning) amount of Nimblewill.  I decided to apply Tenacity as a post-emergent in an attempt to begin to control the grassy weed ahead of overseeding this Fall.  I mixed up a couple of gallons and applied it with a pump sprayer.  

What does it look like after a week?  I'm seeing what I hoped to see:  some white emerging from the bentgrass.  See below for some photos showing the white tips.  Turns out, I have A TON Of creeping bentgrass back there that needs to go.  Look at all this white showing up:

Everything I've read tells me that Nimblewill control isn't a one-shot deal.  It will take a few applications the first season and a multi-year treatment plan with herbicide control (Tenacity as a selective post-emergent).  

But, so far...I'm happy.  And seeing signs of progress here.  My plan is to lower the deck on my mower in this back part of the lawn and cut this part of the grass short, then lay down another coating of Tenacity in the areas where it took the first time.   Then...I'll start to think about over-seeding by the end of August with a mix of KBG and Tall Fescue seeds.


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