Using a Surfactant With Weed Killer - August 2022

 I've grown my lawn care practice in various ways over the years based on things I've learned from the Web (mostly YouTubers) including how I (now) cut my lawn pretty high (5 on the mower), have added Tall Fescue to our KBG lawn to try to provide it more heat resistance and even using a blue pattern spray in my herbicide treatments to 'see' where I've sprayed.  My most recent project is focused on controlling a new (to me) warm season weed grass called Nimblewill.

In order to do that, I'm going to use a selective herbicide named Tenacity.  Tenacity seems like pretty great stuff and can be applied as either a pre-emergent or a post-emergent.  The difference is that you have to also use a surfactant if you're going the post-emergent route.

For this Nimblewill control project, we're talking post-emergent and actively growing grass.

That meant that I had to go find a surfactant.  The most readily available one was this Liquid Harvest version available on Amazon for $9.99.  It arrived last week:

What is a surfactant?  From the Amazon listing:

A surfactant is a liquid product you add to spray applications you are already doing to your lawn, garden, or crop to help stick the chemical onto the plant. Adding a surfactant will maximize the absorption of your spray solution. Liquid Harvest Surfactant helps your herbicides and algaecides break through the waxy coating of the plant and stick around longer.

I'm planning to use this with the Tenacity application, but it seems like it can help my other treatments, right?  Another tool in the lawn care tool box it seems.


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