Ben Vernooy Hosta Added - October 2022

We grabbed a small, quart-sized hosta from Lowes that was on a close-out sale on a total whim. Do we need more hostas? I'm not sure. Can we find a place for an interesting one? Certainly. And, that's what this one is: interesting. Named the Ben Vernooy Hosta, it just stood out on the rack of mostly plain green companions.

I had never come across a Ben Vernooy sport before, but I know there are *a lot* of hostas out there. So, not being familiar with this one isn't a surprise. Thus, I did what I always do: whipped out my phone to read about it. This listing was the one that had me put it in our cart. Here's how it was described:
Ben Vernooy boasts an eye-catching colour of blue with broad bands of yellow along each leaf edge. Over time, the margins may change to creamy white, the leaves are still quite colourfast and you'll enjoy their amazing hues throughout the long growing season. Ben Vernooy presents some of the thickest, sturdiest leaves you can find on a hosta, which helps it keep its lovely mounded shape and bright colours longer than its contemporaries.
You had me at thick and sturdy.

I popped this one in on the northside - in the little garden the KotBT has made back there.  It is tucked in for the Winter and based on my experience elsewhere, we can revisit this one in a few years to see if it is ready for dividing and spreading.  Of course, this broke one of the gardening rules that I've picked up over the years:  buying just one of anything.  But, since it is a hosta, I let it slide.


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