Grinding the Stump Out - Norway Maple Tree - October 2022

Earlier this week, I shared photos (and a video) of the removal of our large, 70-year-old Norway Maple that was situated right in front of our wrap-around front porch.  This tree was an important landscape feature for our home - we site'd the house back purely to SAVE this tree.  But, it had to go.  That removal and subsequent processing into rounds for splitting was phase one of the project.  Phase two is to remove the stump.  A few days after they removed the tree, the team came back with a giant machine to grind the stump.  The drove the machine up front the front and started to grind the stump down.  See below for a look at the start of the stump grinding:

Here, below, is a close-up look at how the machine grinds down the stump into shredded wood.  The operator ground down the stump about 24" in total depth.

Grinding a Norway Maple Stump in Downers Grove
Stump grinder removing a Norway Maple stump

The whole process didn't take long - maybe 20 minutes of grinding.  Here, below, is a video showing how far and fast the chips fly when the operator was running the large, disc grinder:


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