Compost Bins - Fall Leaf Collection Begins - November 2022

The last time I checked in on our compost bins, I was looking after some of the settling that was taking place post a full turn in both bins and our tumbler.  This was in late September when the bin on the right was still 'over full' and the bin on the left was about 1/8th full.  Below, is a photo showing the current state of the same two bins.  

The one on the right has settled even further.  The bin on the left has just started to be put to work with the initial pile of leaf mulch piled in that side.

The pile on the left will continue to be filled and settled.  I also am planning on insulating the Disneyland Roses with leaf mulch again, so those chicken-wire rings will be full of material this Fall.  Once I get the bins mostly stuffed full, I'll then just simply switch to mulching-in-place the leaves on the lawn.  That's the process I used last year and the material was broken down by the time Spring arrived.

I haven't gotten around to adding a third bin, but maybe that's something I can sneak in before Winter hits.


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