Compost Bins - More Fall Leaf Collection - November 2022

Just a couple of days ago, I posted the first photo of my compost bins with an initial pile of leaves from our yard in the storage bin.  The leaves just don't stop.  At least, until the trees drop them all.  So, my approach is to try to stay on top of them with repeated cleanups in the backyard instead of waiting until the end when there's one big cleanup.  I've tried that....and found that the job is TOO MUCH if I wait.

So, I sent about collecting (and mulching) even more leaves and storing them in the compost bins.  

Here, below, is what the bins look like just a few days later:

The bin on the left - the carbon storage bin - is now heaping.  And the bin on the right - which is properly mixed - has settled to just below the frame.  So, I put a bit of leaves on TOP of that pile, too.  If you look at the foreground, you'll see that there is a layer of mulched-up leaves scattered in FRONT of the bins, too.  

The carbon storage bin will continue to settle and I'll be able to get a little bit more in there, but we're starting to get to the limit in terms of what my current setup can handle.  And...there are a LOT more leaves still left on the trees.  That means, the chicken-wire rings that I'll put up around the Disneyland Roses will take on a bunch, but soon, I'll start to focus on mulching the leaves right into the grass directly.  


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