Using Alcohol to Stunt Paperwhite Bulbs - November 2022

Just a week later and this is what our set of Paperwhite bulbs look like in their glass jar:  roots have gone wild and the tips of the stalks have all emerged and are starting to shoot upwards.  This happened REALLY fast (at least in my view) and I've tried to follow the recommendations so far - including keeping them out of a bright room while the roots establish.  Below is photo showing the current state of these Ziva Paperwhite bulbs:

I went back and bought a 2nd bag of stones to help bury the bulbs up about half-way to help get them more solid ahead of the potential 'tipping' that happens with Paperwhites.  

This am, I also began the poisoning of these bulbs in an attempt to keep them compact.  Below is the bottle of rubbing alcohol (91%) that I added in a small amount to the gravel.  It is about 5:1 water:alcohol added.  This will, hopefully, stunt these enough to keep them from 'flopping over'.

I've used a similar alcohol treatment to Amaryllis bulbs in the past and it seemed to help keep the stalks from growing too tall and unsupportable.  The recommendation is to apply this alcohol/water mixture to the Paperwhites AFTER they grow a few inches in height.  I'll keep watering them with this solution until they bloom.


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