December 1st Firewood Consumption Check - December 2022

We're now in the thick of things firewood-wise.  The burning will only increase in both frequency and length of sessions as we head towards the heart of Winter and the holiday season when we're hanging around the house more and more.  So, where do we stand?  

Today marks the two-month mark.  Our firewood was delivered on September 30th, so that means we've burned through 60 days of wood.  With 90 days to go (that gets us to March 1st). 

We had three facecords delivered on September 30th.  And, at that time all of the racks were empty but for the bottom of the porch rack and about 15 pieces on top of that.  What does it look like today?  

The porch racks are full (mostly).  See below for the short one, followed by the double.  Note the wood on top of the double.  I'm claiming that's an equivalent amount that was remaining this Spring.  

Outside, the smaller of the two racks has been exhausted.  The larger one is about 1/3rd used.  If you look at the photo below, you can see on the left is some newly split Norway Maple.  On top of that rack *was* new firewood, but it, too has been replaced with backyard-split wood.  

And, finally...lookup up the stairs to the side stoop:  this wood has NOT been touched (yet).

That means we've burned through the entire left outside rack and 1/3rd of the right.  Hard to tell, but I'd say we've gone through at least 1 Face Cord (of the three) and may be burning at too fast of a rate to allow us to get to March.  I'll have to take another look at the moisture of the recently-split Norway Maple - which was high when it was fresh, but is supposed to dry rapidly - to see if I can start including some of that wood in the mix to stretch out my kiln-dried wood.  


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