Firewood Delivery of 3 Face Cords - September 2022

'Tis the season for firewood delivery in our house.  This year, I ordered three Face Cords for delivery from The Grove Firewood out in Sugar Grove.  1 Oak, 1 Cherry and 1 "SuperMix" - which is a combo of oak, cherry, hickory and birch (normally).  They didn't have any birch this season (so far), so my mix was heavier on Hickory.

Here, below, is a video of the three face cords being dumped on our driveway.  This is kiln-dried firewood.

How does this stack up to previous years?

Here's last year's post from early October where I talked about a late September delivery of three facecords

Fall of 2020, I ordered three, too.  

I stacked these three facecords in the various racks - including a big messy pile on the stoop outside my office.  I'll post some photos of the current state of the racks in the coming days/weeks.  For now, here's a look at what the racks look like before I started loading the new wood:


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