Two More Amaryllis Bulb Updates - No Blooms - December 2022

Yesterday, I showed the high and low blooms on the Magic Touch Amaryllis that we grew this Christmas season.  We also planted two *other* new bulbs at the same time - a Flamenco Queen and a Sunshine Nymph.  Neither of these bloomed for Christmas.  But, both of them have tall, proud stems with a large bud on top.  But, neither have made any moves to open or bloom just yet.  Maybe by New Year's Day?

Here's the Sunshine Nymph Amaryllis below.  First a photo of the tag and then followed by a shot of the tip of the stem:

And, here below, is the Flamenco Queen Amaryllis.  This one is very tall and slender.  I've been watering them with an alcohol mix, but that didn't seem to slow this one down.  It started to lean a little bit, so I used this plant support to keep it upright. 


  1. Jake: I am real interested in building the firewood bin you have. Any written plans. I can send pix of small area I have planned.
    Searches many sites, yours most promising.
    Just above beginner. Landscape Timbers usable?
    Macon, Ga


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