Leather Drivers-Style Buck Skin Gardening Gloves - January 2023

It took close to ten years, but I finally am the owner of a pair of gloves that I've been wanting to use in the garden.  All the way back in September of 2013, Neil Steinberg posted a love-letter to a pair of Chicago-manufactured gloves and I have wanted them ever-since.  At that time, the gloves were made by a a company called J. Edwards who sold the gloves only to distributors.  But, at some point, they were either acquired or merged with the Kunz Glove Company who (as of 2022) ran an ecommerce storefront or sold them to folks who sell one pair at a time like here

You're probably thinking:  dude...just go buy some gloves from the orange Big Box store.  I'm sure they'd be fine, but if you go back and read the post from Neil Steinberg, you might come to the same conclusion that I have:  these are special.  

So, these gloves are now mine- my Christmas gift from Nat.  And, I can't wait to use them in the garden.  See below for the Buck Skin garden gloves that are designed for electrical pole climbers:

Add this to the list of new/upgraded garden tools - alongside the new push/pull hoe.  


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