Made for Trader Vic's Pottery - Tiki Rum Bowl - January 2023

Nat and I don't exchange a ton of Christmas gifts during the gifting season.  But, we *do* exchange some gifts.  I typically will give her a vintage book, a Wash U shirt and starting last year...a Tiki Bar item.  When we finished our basement, we talked about putting in a Tiki Bar down there.  We did all the rough-in's for a bar - light openings in the ceiling, water and plumbing in the wall, counter-height outlets for a bar and under-counter fridges.  But, we didn't put in said Tiki Bar.  Just left the space open for the kids to use as part of the rumpus room.  

But, that doesn't mean that she isn't still dreaming of that - in the future - Tiki Bar.  I even went ahead and gave this dreamed-up Tiki Bar a name:  Natalie's Hideaway.  Last year, I commissioned Tiki Tony the artist to create a sign for the place, too.  

So, when I came across1 a big tiki bar-themed bowl with ladies in bikinis, palm trees, hula dancers and a big rum barrel on it, I thought it would be a good addition.  Then, I turned it over.  And saw this stamp on the bottom: "Made for Trader Vic's".  See below for the photo:

Based on looking around the Web, this appears to be called a "Scorpion Bowl" - they make a reproduction at Trader Vic's here - and is (as you'd imagine) a communal drinking experience.  

This will - for now - go up on the shelf in our pantry.  Awaiting its time to shine down at Natalie's Hideway.  One day, soon.

1. [You might be wondering why I didn't invoke my collecting mantra on this Trader Vic's bowl?  That's because...I have a special carve-out clause in the mantra that says if it is intended for a gift, then I can proceed with possessing the item - for a period of time.]


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