Frans Fontaine Pyramidal Hornbeams Holding Winter Leaves - February 2023

Seven-or-so weeks ago, I wrote a post and shared a photo of the stand of Frans Fontaine Columnar Hornbeam trees that we have planted as a hedge and talked about how the trees had been holding their leaves late into December.  That ability or characteristic of a deciduous holding onto dry, desiccated leaves  called foliar marcescence and for some trees - like these Frans Fontaine European Hornbeams is actually a feature.  It allows for trees like this to provide a bit of privacy screening even in Winter when most every other tree has shed their leaves during dormancy.  

We've had different experiences with the leaves holding on for different lengths of time during different years.  But, what about now?  In mid-February 2023?   What do the trees look like.  See below.  They're *still* holding on to their dry leaves.  

Frans Fontaine Hornbeam Trees Holding Winter Leaves

This is the latest they've gone in this state and I'm really finding it interesting to see them show-off a little bit in this way.  Is it a thick and lush privacy screen?  No.  Are we outside where we need said privacy screen?  No.  

But, is it something?  Yep.  

Trees are neat. 


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