Layered Boxwood Hedge Under Lindens - Shrub Planning - Priority Project #1 - February 2023

Yesterday, I posted a photo of the Green Gem boxwoods in our backyard and talked about how evergreens were going to be a point of focus for anything I add this year in the backyard.  Back at the end January, I put out a list of some potential projects/priorities that included adding some structure via evergeen shrubs at the base on the pair of Lindens in our backyard.  I've posted about this idea before and talked about adding boxwoods here.   But, I'm now thinking what it could look like if I planted them in pattern that is something a bit more interesting.  And, perhaps more formal.  

I've been sitting on this photo from Deborah Silver for months now.  See below:

And, here's a screenshot of the three-deep sculpted boxwood hedge on the corner:

What's NOT to love about this, right?  Of course, the skill involved here in shaping these is world-class, but let's for now...leave that aside.  What else is going on (I think) is the use of different heights of planting.  I'm *pretty sure* that these are all planted at the same time and are the same size.  But, the use of a tiered planting bed is what gives this look the tiered-look.

The area where the espalier'd Linden trees are located has a little elevation change.  Along the fence, where the trees are planted is berm'd a bit.  And the lawn area is six-or-eight-inches below.  I could see a way to adding even more material to fill out that back 'tier' and then plant a row of boxwoods under them.   Maybe even a timber retaining wall of sorts to keep the grade separated.  Like this:

That's eleven boxwoods.  Assuming I can get them for $10 or so a piece, the project is within reach.  It does require a little bit of transplanting including some hostas and Summer Beauty Allium that are currently planted at the foot of the Lindens.  It also would reshape this bed by having to extend it out a bit - but I think the impact would be highly visible from the kitchen window and patio area.  


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