Staghorn Fern Basal Frond Growth - Winter - February 2023

The basal frond (or shield frond) on my oldest - and only potted - Staghorn Fern continues to grow.  And, that has single-handedly gotten me BACK into the Staghorn Fern game.  I first shared a photo and an update on this new (to me) experience of seeing one of our Staghorns put out this basal, shield frond.  Today - three weeks later - the frond keeps growing and is starting to cover quite a bit of area.  You can see the current state of this, original Staghorn Fern in the photo below.  

It has been grown in the basement under a two-color (purple and blue) grow light for the past few months:

I have left this one in the pot as a sort of hedge against the mounting stress.  I'm not sure what to think about this one putting on a basal frond vs the mounted ones not doing anything but really declining while under my watch.  I'm thinking that - right now - I'll just leave this one as-is and move it back outside this Summer.  At the same time, I'm really trying to baby the two mounted ones to see if I can get them to grow a bit and (hopefully) put on a similar shield frond.  


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