Chicago Thin Progress - Bottom Blisters - March 2023

The online pizza world is afire with Chicago Tavern pizza these days.  It seems to have culminated this past week when internet sensation (and...someone who can go by just one name) Kenji published his months-long research project into *real* Chicago pizza.  I've been working on what I call "Chicago Thin" for the better part of 10 years.  On-and-off.  

It wasn't Kenji's piece that moved me, but the guy he referenced in the story - John from Crust Fund - is who has been my northstar on this Chicago Thin journey.  I wrote about my latest attempt here in early February.  

Both Kenji and John use a method called 'curing' - where they roll out the dough into 'skins' and let it age.  Sometimes in the fridge, sometimes not.  What's the goal with curing?  A dry, blistered bottom.  

I had a little bit of a 'blistering' breakthrough recently.  See below for a photo showing these little blister bubbles that I've been chasing for a while.  This feels a little like seeing your first 'leopard spotting' in an outdoor/wood-fired pie. 

Back into the kitchen I go with another batch of this dough - following Kenji's proportions.  Feels like I have to figure out the sausage next - based on eating at Kim's Uncle - I'm way, way far away.


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