Day 3 - Parkway Biosolids TopDressing - March 2023

This is day three and post number three of spreading municipal biosolids on our parkway turf in early March - as both a slow-release fertilizer and a soil amendment.   Over the weekend, I started by picking up and dumping about 12 gallons of granular (or close to granular) biosolids from the Downers Grove Sanitary District on our parkway.  They have a station across town where you can scoop-up and take-home your own batches of biosolids.  I say (close to granular) because it has more of a topsoil consistency than a true granular fertilizer or commercial biosolids product like Milorganite.  

Yesterday, I posted a photo showing the application of even more biosolids to the parkway section across our driveway.  

Today is showing the addition of 12-or-so more gallons to the main parkway.  My first application went down by the street.  This one was dumped closer to the sidewalk.  See below for photos showing the material dumped out followed by photos showing it after being raked in. 

Topdressing lawn with biosolids in Spring

Posting this photo below to remind myself that I should spread out a bit more around the small London Planetree that I planted last Fall.  

I figure that this main parkway area could use at least two or three more 12-gallon-or-so applications.  One of them on the other side of the Norway Maple parkway tree to finish out the length of the parkway.  And the a way of filling in some spots.  Heck...even four more applications might make the most sense.   Two on the far side of the tree.  Two as additional layers in this main section.

I'll be heading over to the pickup station after work this week.


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