Lemony Lace Elderberry Purple Buds - Spring - April 2023

That photo above shows a new (to me) bud from a shrub that I bought on a whim last fall:  Lemony Lace Elderberry.  And, isn't that the most delightful sign of Spring?  It looks....alien.  Doesn't it?  Purple and lime green, ball and fringe.  All in one package.  

I had these protected from rabbits with a chicken-wire cage and that seems to have worked.  See below for the current state of this shrub:

This is one to watch, since it is the first full growing season.  Maybe I'll add more of these - via the Morton Arboretum Plant Sale - as I see them there every year.  They work in 'part shade' - which has a lot of value in our garden. 


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