Lilac Shrubs - Spring Growth - Post-Transplant - May 2023

Last Spring, I dug out two pairs of Lilac flowering shrubs and moved them from a shady, understory spot along the south fence (under a Walnut tree, too) to the north side fenceline - in a a more open, and sunny location.  

The two 'common' Lilac shrubs have responded and are flush with green leaves and new growth at the tips.  These were planted as small, 2 gallon shrubs in 2018.  And they struggled.  Too much shade.  Too much Walnut (probably).  

That's why I moved them out.  I planted them along with some Thujas.  Those...didn't work.  More on losing two of those soon.  But, the Lilacs?  The common ones, at least.  They're seemingly thriving.  

They are thickening up and growing.  See below for first a photo of the pair of them and then the new growth on the tips.

Would love to see these get over the top of the fence height this growing season.


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