Update: Northside Mixed Bed Planted - April 2022

Earlier this month, as part of a series of garden bed 'slices', I did some shrub exploration posts including the 'Lilac Replacement' section and the 'Northside Mixed Bed' that kind of worked together.  They both required some upright evergreens, but the Lilacs needed to be transplanted from one section to the other.  Earlier this week, I got started by planting the upright evergreens - three Green Giant Thujas - in each section.  From there, I dug up and transplanted the four Lilac shrubs (2 Nocture, 2 Common) in the Northside bed.

Before I did the planting, I removed some of the lower, but still large limbs on the Hackberry tree to make sure these were getting the most sun they could get in this spot.  Below is a look at the couple of cuts I made with my extension saw:

Here's what the newly planted area looks like with three evergreens, four flowering shrubs, an existing scrub shrub and a small London Planetree (below):

And, here's an annotated version of that photo below.  Green = Thujas.  Dark purple = Common Lilacs.  Lighter purple = Nocture Lilacs. 

Here's a closer look at the Nocture Lilacs behind the wine barrel planter below.  The goal of planting these things in this order is to provide a little bit of Winter interest after the flowering shrubs go dormant. 

There are a few hostas in this area that haven't emerged just yet, so I'll post an updated photo when the perennials get set for the season.  After that...I'm considering this 'slice' mostly complete.


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