Peachberry Ice Heucheras Planted By Firepit - May 2023

Some of the plants that we brought home from the Morton Arboretum annual plant sale were things that *had* to go in a specific spot.  I KNEW IMMEDIATELY where the Spine Tingler Epimedium was going to go.  Same with the Merlin Hellebores.  But, there were other plants that we bought that I KNEW I wanted to go in our garden, but also knew that there were a handful of spots that were viable options for their location.  The Dark Side of the Moon Astilbes are an example.  I put them on the southside, but I could have put them in a like 5 different spots.

Another one that is similar are three Peachberry Ice Coral Bells - or Heuchera Primo Peachberry Ice.  The sign from the sale is at the top of this post that details these beauties.  But...that last line is the one that is most compelling:  Tolerates Black Walnut.  Isn't that interesting?  We have a bunch of Black Walnut trees.  We've lost some Heucheras over the years - like these Dolche Apple Twist varieties - that I didn't connect to the Walnut trees.  But...perhaps that's what got them?  

As I wandered around the big barn at the plant sale, the foliage of these Peachberry Ice Heucheras called out:

I opted to plant these back by the firepit.  #15 on my 2023 to-do list was to continue to 'upgrade' the area with plantings and structure.  These pop of color in a deeply shaded spot will (hopefully) brighten up the border between the gravel and the fence.  I planted them (see below) in an array along the border, right in front of a pair of Hicks upright Yews.

Below are the plant tags from Proven Winners for these Primo Peachberry Ice Coral Bells.

Here's my 2023 Morton Arboretum Plant Sale Posts:


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