Island Breeze Hosta - Planted May 2023

This second post featuring a new (to me) plant (in this case...a hosta) from the Morton Arboretum 2023 Plant Sale:  An Island Breeze Hosta.  The sign from the sale is below - and this one came in at $16.95...which is more than I'd normally pay for a more-common hosta.  This one is unique and one of the kids liked it, so we bought just one.  My rule of buying more than one is easy to break with hostas - because I know that with a little bit of patience, I'll be able to divide them in a couple of growing seasons.  

This is the child of the child of Fire Island Hosta.  According to Walters Garden, at least:

First came ‘Fire Island’ which was followed by its variegated progeny ‘Paradise Island’. Now there is ‘Island Breeze’ which is the third member of this “tropical” family and a sport of ‘Paradise Island’.

The improvements in this cultivar include more impressive variegation due to its wider margins, thicker leaf substance, and a strong growth rate.

More impressive variegation, thicker leaves.  Strong growth.  Sounds good to this shade gardener. 

Here's the red legs that this one has:

This one went in the understory garden - near the Orange Queen Epimedium, at the feet of one of the Doublefile Viburnum treeforms (the second one back), near my hosta garden including this Ben Vernooy hosta from Fall 2022.  

Here's my 2023 Morton Arboretum Plant Sale Posts:


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