Transplanted Boxwood From Front To Back - May 2023

When we planted the new Triumph Elm tree last Fall, I had to relocate one of the original boxwoods that were planted in that bed.  As a temporary measure, I had the guys who planted the Elm dig up the boxwood and just put it further back in the bed.  If you look at the photos here and here, you can see the lone boxwood that was moved out from the front line to the back of the bed.  

As part of the shaping-up of the front porch bed, it was time to move that boxwood out of there and find it a new home.  With it being mature and larger than anything I can buy at the store, I decided to plant it as a stand alone in the back beds vs....say...the IB2DWs area (where I want to plant boxwoods this year).  

Here, below, is a photo showing the front porch bed.  On the right is the Triumph Elm that was planted last Fall.  On the left is the dug-up and moved Boxwood in question.  

 It is a big, heavy clump, so I dug it out and used my wheelbarrow to load it up for the backyard. I opted for a mid-bed location underneath the River Birch tree on the north side.  Here, below, is the hole I prepared for the transplant.  To the west of the Birch and the east of the Wine Barrel planter.

Here, below, is the boxwood (Green Velvet) in the new home.

This bed is what I'd call a part-shade area and when the trees leaf-out, this location gets dappled shade during the hottest part of the day - which..appears to be proper conditions for Green Velvet boxwoods.  

What is most striking about this evergreen shrub is the size - compared to everything else.  Due to budget constraints....I've been planting some small, early-aged nursery stock in the garden.  This boxwood was planted in 2017 and has six growing seasons (albeit under the Norway Maple tree), so it has stretched out and looks much more substantial versus the other tiny boxwoods ($5 ones).  

#1 on my 2023 to-do list was to focus on 'evergreens'.  While this one isn't NEW, it *is* new to the credit.  #3 was to sort the front porch bed. Moving this one out helps towards that goal.  Double counting FTW.

Next up is planting the front porch bed - with Disneyland Roses and grasses.


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