Spring Grove Ginkgos + Brookside Geraniums - One Month Later - June 2023

Back in mid-May, I replanted our two small, square beds on either side of our back stoop.  I dug out the RJM Rhododendrons that were there since our first Summer and replaced them with a pairing of Brookside Geraniums and a witches broom, dwarf Ginkgo named Spring Grove.  #13 on my 2023 to-do list was to 'fix the back stoop beds' and this swapping out was a big part of that need.  

I also took a few plugs of Angelina Sedum from the north bed and transplanted it to the south bed, so they would be mirror-images of each other.  

When I planted the Spring Grove Ginkgos, they has leaf'd out, but had suffered a litttle bit of late-frost damage to the tender leaves.  The geraniums were small and just emerging, too.  

A little bit over one month later, what do they look like?  The geraniums have grown quite a bit.  And, so too, have the Ginkgos.  See below for (first) the north bed.  And then, below that, the south bed.

Spring Grove Ginkgo tree - dwarf Ginkgo

Spring Grove Ginkgo tree - dwarf Ginkgo
Spring Grove Ginkgo tree - dwarf Ginkgo in Northern Illinois.

The Spring Grove Ginkgo in the south bed is the larger of the two, but the one on the north is the one dealing with the chipmunk living underneath... so that's something to watch.  The transplanted Angelina Sedum in the south bed has seemingly established itself, too.  The geraniums seem to dry out if I don't water them almost every other day.  

I was a little undecided when I bought these two, dwarf Ginkgo trees earlier this Spring.  Today?  I'm really happy with how they've turned out - they're unique and add some nice texture and foliage to this part of the garden.  Next Spring, if I see another one of these dwarf Ginkgos at the orange big box store, I'll probably buy it and figure out where it could go later. 


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