Transplanting Summer Beauty Allium To Prepare for Boxwoods - June 2023

Yesterday, I posted some details and photos about preparing the bed underneath the espaliered Linden trees to get ready for a boxwood hedge.  I transplanted some hostas (and then...transplanted *other* hostas) and planted them in the back.  In that post, I mentioned that I also had to move a few Alliums that were in the same bed.  As a reminder, below is a photo showing the 'before' state of the bed - featuring some allium to the right of the photo.

There were two Allium Bulgaricum that I moved behind the row of Astilbes.  And three-or-four good-sized Summer Beauty Alliums.  I put one on the other side of the Weeping White Spruce - close to the fence.  That one is below:

I also tucked in another one amongst the Oakleaf Hydrangeas in the kitchen window bed:

I put the third one in amongst the other colony of the same Summer Beauty Alliums a bit further back in that south side bed.  See below of this one next to my kneeler.  It flop'd over after transplanting, so I'll water this and try to baby it back to life.

And, I put one in right next to the Peonies in the kitchen window border - below.  Number 18 was to 'deal with the curved kitchen border', so this transplant helps with that. 

With the bed cleared, I could move on to cutting the edge of the bed and planting the double row of Green Velvet Boxwoods. 


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