Feeding Our Staghorn Ferns With Banana Water - Summer 2023

Here's something that's new to me:  making banana water to feed Staghorn Ferns.  If you read up on Staghorn Ferns, you'll soon discover that they like banana peels.  In big, mounted Staghorn Ferns, some folks just toss the peel up *in* the fern.  

I didn't do that.

But, I did soak a banana peel in a glass of water for a little bit over a day and created a potassium, manganese and phosphorus-laden glass of water that I split between the two mounted ferns. Below is a photo of the water after 24 hours with the banana peel soaking in it.

Banana Water for Staghorn Ferns

#19 on my 2023 to-do list is: "Staghorns take work".  Feeding them banana water is part of that solve.  


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