Four Hakonechloa Macra (Green) Grasses Planted - July 2023

My Hakonechloa Macra Forest Grass crush keeps growing.  It started with the All Golds that I bought at one of the Morton sales, but has morphed towards something else:  the 'straight' green versions that I find up at Northwind Perennial Farm in Wisconsin.  I planted three of them in a border last year and they've quickly outperformed the All Golds that are planted close-by.  

One of the things that I observed in our backyard garden this Spring was the need to help 'hide' the dying foliage of the tulip bulbs that I have planted under the large tree-swing Oak tree.  I have some hostas and ferns in there, but they don't move fast-enough to help.  And, based on watching these Japanese Forest Grasses, I've discovered (this Spring) that the straight Green ones emerge must earlier than the All Golds.  

So, on a trip up to Northwind, I put four of these in my wagon.  

They look really great in the sun - see below:

This area is what I'd call 'part shade' - as it gets some mid-morning Sun and then is quickly put into the Oak tree canopy shade.  I planted these four in the 'back' of the tree - where you can see (below) that dying tulip foliage:

I read over on Nick McCullough's blog Beyond the Boxwood" a post from 2016 where he describes his love of Hakonecloa grasses and he said this:
There are many chartreuse cultivars on the market, all of which I use- like ‘Aureola’, ‘All Gold’ and ‘Albo Striata’. However, I am really addicted to the straight species green variety- just regular old Hakonechola macra. Tuff to find on the market, that is why I grow my own, but well worth it when you do. Macra can be planted in shade, part shade, and full sun!


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