Snow Queen Oakleaf Hydrangeas New Growth - July 2023

Before we left town in June, I planted a pair of new (to me) Oakleaf Hydrangeas - Snow Queen - along the fence in an attempt to extend/continue that run of Oakleaf Hydranges along that bed.  These are interplanted with some evergreens - Green Giant Thujas.  When I planted these, I followed Ralph Snodsmith's advice and gave these "Five Dollar Holes" along with a heavy dose of municipal biosolids to get them started.   

I set up irrigation for the couple of weeks post-planting for these flowering shrubs and I'm very surprised at how much growth they appear to have put on in such a short time.  See below for a photo showing the pair of shrub as they stand now.  Flip back here.  Very different in a short period of time, right? 

Snow Queen Oakleaf Hydrangeas

I'll plan on protecting these with chicken wire this Fall/Winter and hopefully...we'll see some blooms next year.  


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