French Marigolds As Bedding Plants Update - August 2023

This year, I planted a couple of flats of Dwarf French multi-color Marigolds that arrived as plugs from the Home Depot as bedding plants across the front of our front-porch bed.  They come in flats of four eight packs and I think I put down a couple of them.  Maybe 60 of them-or so.   

Below is a look at their current state - across the front porch bed:

They've REALLY put on some size in the past few weeks.  Peek here at this post from mid-June that shows them when I was digging out that front natural edge.  

And, for even more contrast, check out this photo below showing Spring-time (right when I planted them) when the tulip foliage was still hanging around:

I've planted many things over the years along this front border, but I think I am coming back to these multi-color marigolds.  First...they're orange.  Love that.  Second...they're French - which we first saw at Luxembourg Gardens.  

I planted these all the way across the front, but the Dusty Millers from last year had a different plan in mind.  More on that in a follow-up post.  

For now...I'll put this on my 2024 to-do list:  plant French Marigolds across the front.  


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