Getting to Know Sedum Three-Ways (Neon, Carl, Stardust) - August 2023

On a recent visit to Northwind Perennial Farm in Wisconsin, I found myself face-to-face with a table of Sedum plants.  Stonecrop is what some may call them.  They're NOT new plants in general and not necessarily new to me, either.  I had some inherited Sedum in our house in Elmhurst that seemed to do just fine along the driveway.  Didn't think about them much then.  And haven't thought about them much now.  

We also have some Angelina Sedum that I really like in a few spots.  But, these more upright sedum?   Don't have them in our garden, but that doesn't mean I can't 'get to know' them a little bit, right?

Below are signs for three:  Neon, Karl and Stardust.  The sign for the Neon variety says a lot (to me):  We've been buying Sedum since the 1970's.  


The Stardust sign is even better:  This is an upright sedum with white flowers.  Go find a spot.  Another LOL.

For me, the Neon and Stardust sedums are viable - as they're listed for 'part shade'.  Do I need to add a sedum?  No.  Should I add some to 'get to know' them?  I think so.  Maybe 2024.  


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