Acer Palmatum Bloodgood with Green Margins - September 2023

Around the corner from our house is a Acer palmatum that is planted near the sidewalk.  It is a mature tree that was planted many years ago and has grown up tall-enough to be able to sort-of walk *under* the canopy of the tree as it reaches out over the sidewalk.  I was pretty sure it was a Bloodgood based on all observable factors including the (normally) dark red foliage.  But, this week, I was stopped in my tracks by some of the colors on the leaves. I had to take a photo:

Does Bloodgood get these green margins in late Summer?  I know that sun exposure does different things to different Japanese Maples.  But, this is just something else, isn't it?  I really loved seeing this and while I don't know how long this will last, knowing that it takes place in late August/early September is a nice little nugget of info on my Acer palmatum journey.

I look at Mr. Maple's 10-for-10 things each week and I see these photos of really striking foliage.  That look almost out-of-this-world.  I now have one of those photos - but it isn't from one of my trees.  Still counts, right?


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