Burgundy Glow Ajuga - Added IB2DWs - October 2023

One of the plants that I have learned to absolutely love is Ajuga 'Chocolate Chip'.  I've planted it in a few places and each time I see it, I say to myself:  I should put this stuff everywhere.  

It is a great 'living mulch' and plays well with other plants - won't take over in the same ways that something like Creeping Jenny seems to do in my garden. 

I've mostly added 'Chocolate Chip', but earlier this year I also planted six Ajuga 'Bronze Beauty' plugs in the back garden.  I haven't really noticed them doing anything, but most of them seem to have established themselves this Summer.  

That Ajuga 'exploration' is the reason why I came home with a single plant (yes...I know one groundcover plant is a mistake) from the Lowe's end-of-the-season sale:  A Burgundy Glow Ajuga.  See below for a look at the foliage:

Fantastic tricolored foliage in shades of creamy-white, rose-burgundy, and dark green make this ajuga different than all the others. In the fall, the mature leaves turn a deep bronze while the newer growth takes on a rose tone.

From mid to late spring, short spikes of blue flowers stand upright above the low, spreading foliage. The effect is stunning when planted en masse.

'Burgundy Glow' tends to spread more slowly than many other varieties in this species, making it suitable for use as an edging. It also fits nicely into rock gardens and mixed container plantings.
Where did I plant this lone Ajuga?  In the front - driveway-side of the (already planted) IB2DWs bed.  See below for the placement and size compared to one of the All Gold grasses:


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