Cardoon Planted - Inspired by Fragrance Garden - October 2023

Earlier this Summer, I posted some photos and details of the plantings in the beds of the Fragrance Garden at the Morton Arboretum and documented some of the things that I struck me as interesting - including the use of a new (to me) plant:  Cardoon.

So imagine my surprise when I came across this sign at The Growing Place.  Sure enough...Cardoon.  It is in the herbs and vegetables section.  It was cheap to begin with...and with 50% off, I figured I'd take a shot.  

Cardoon plant - planted as bedding plant

Is it cold hardy to Zone 5B?  I don't think so.  But, I planted it - this late in the season - anyway.  Only way to learn, right?  And, for two bucks, why not get a little joy out of this freakshow of a plant.

I put it IB2DWs - where I would see it A LOT.  See below for location.

Cardoon plant - planted as bedding plant
Cardoon planted as a bedding plant

I'm going to mulch it in pretty hard (pile biosolids on top of the crown) when the foliage dies back, but I'm pretty sure this won't come back - as it is usually listed to Zone 7.  But, next year? You know what's better than your first Cardoon plant?  Your second!


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