Carex Albicans - One Year From Planting Plugs - October 2023

Carex Albicans - Sedges - Planted in dry shade - Northern Illinois.  From Roy Diblik.

I've mentioned over the years that plantsman and gardener Roy Diblik up in Wisconsin has turned me on to a variety of plants - but mostly sedges.  (Insert Voiceover from Sam Eagle:  "A salute to all plants, but mostly Carex.")

Sam Eagle Meme - A Salute To All Nations
Via ImgFlip - Sam Eagle Muppets - A Salute To All Nations Meme

The photo at the top of this post is a trio of Carex Albicans that are planted on the border of our firepit area that is mostly full shade and pretty dry.  They are performing REALLY well in this spot and one of them (the one on the left) is the largest of the three.

Looking back at the post when I planted these in August of 2022, they were just 'plugs' and small at the time.   They were purchased at Roy Diblik's nursery:  Northwind Perennial Farm where they had this sign describing Carex Albicans:

You'll note that I described the site for these (by the firepit) as mostly full shade and dry.  What's the sign say?  "An excellent selection for dry, shaded sites." 

Am I using carex/sedges in the right way?  I'm not sure - I think they're better planted in larger masses (like 20 at a time, planted in a matrix), but at least I'm starting with them, right?

I'm not sure if we'll get back up to Northwind before the season ends, but if we do, I'll be buying a tray of these for the far back.  I suppose that's something I should put on my [plant wish list] for my next trips - whenever that may occur.  


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