Carex Albicans - Firepit Border - August 2022

A few days ago, I showed how the Bird added a single Carex Albicans to her little backyard garden and mentioned that I had bought a few more of these plugs.  I intended to plant all four back by the fire pit border, but she wanted one, so it went in her garden.  As I talked about in that post, these sedges are plugs from Northwind Perennial Farm in Wisconsin, where gardener Roy Diblik evangelizes for Carex as the cure for garden groundcover.  Below is the sign from his nursery:

These Albicans are darker green than the Bromoides that I planted yesterday under the Hornbeams.  Below, you can see some of them before planting:

Here, below, is the layout of these three.  They're close to the fire pit gravel border and will (hopefully) fill in and cover up some of that mulch.

I could plant four dozen of these and that wouldn't be enough, so three barely makes a dent.  But, every garden has to start somewhere, right?  

These three additional Carex Albicans now add to the total of carex/sedges that we have in the garden and this gets us to 25 total (various) Carexes planted:

These three also count in the 2022 groundcover column and get me towards my goal on #5 on my 2022 to-do list: 'fall in love with groundcover'.  These three make 20 total groundcover plantings for the season:  3 Carex Albicans (this post), 12 Carex Bromoides, 2 Carex muskingumensis 'Little Midge', 1 Carex Albicans and 2 Prairie Dropseeds.   20 feels like a solid 'check' on the groundcover goal.  

One of the things that I need to keep focused on is using groundcover in different spots.  These three are back by the fire pit beds.  I've previously planted under the Hornbeams.    But, I need to get some in the front yard under the troubled Norway Maple and all the way in the back where they can naturalize and fill in the blank space. 


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