Sempervivum ‘Hopewell’ - Planted IB2DWs

Over the years, I've bought dozens of succulents and - without thinking about it - potted them up as container plants.  I mean...they're not hardy for our zone, right?  

That's what I've sort-of thought.  On occassion, I'd come across something succulent-looking in a garden and sort of wonder:  why am I not growing those?  Sometimes they're sedums.  But...other times, I think they're something called Sempervivum.  

The reason that I bring this up is that at the end-of-the-season sale at Lowes, one of the kids wanted to buy a Sempervivum 'Hopewell'.  It was 50% off $5, so for $2.50, we were going to get an experiment.

I ended up planting it down IB2DWs - by the sidewalk in the 'hard to grow' area right near the Shenandoah red Switchgrass.  What is Sempervivum ‘Hopewell'? 
Sempervivum ‘Hopewell’ is an historic garden plant with succulent foliage. It will form large, open rosettes of emerald-green leaves with leaf margins that turn maroon in winter. Clusters of pastel pink flowers will emerge on spikes.
Historic is kinda nice, isn't it? 

The one we bought has a tall giraffe-like neck with flowers at the very tip.  See below for the as-planted view:

As for my 2023 to-do list, #2 was to plant the IB2DWs section.  This small plant is another piece of that puzzle. 


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