3 Amaryllis Bulbs - 3 Different Bloom Times - December 2023

Back in mid-November, we bought three different Amaryllis bulbs and planted them indoors in three identical terracotta containers.  In some years, we get blooms timed right up with Christmas.  In other years, we end up with blooms that arrive in January or later.  Either is great - having blooms early or having them arrive late.  This year, we *may* end up getting a bit of both.    As I mentioned in the intro post, the La Paz (Spider Amaryllis variety) was off to a fast start.  That has continued with (now) three flower stalks that have shot up and the first of which is already opening.  See below for the La Paz Amaryllis:

With a couple of weeks until Christmas, I'm thinking we'll have Spider blooms come December 25th.

Next up, and a little behind the La Paz, is the Rilona (Galaxy variety) Amaryllis.  This bulb has shot up one bloom stalk (so far), but it is much more compact that the La Paz.   See below for the current state of the Rilona - which I'm also thinking we could see blooming on December 25th:

And lastly, below is other Galaxy Amaryllis bulb:  Samba.  This one has shown no activity - yet.  Which (likely) means we'll be seeing January (or later) blooms:


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