First (Little) Wattle Fence In Our Stumpery - December 2023

Last month (November 2023), I discovered and then started (my own) stumpery in our backyard using a couple of various stumps and logs that I've collected over the years.  They included a few Norway Maple crotches/stumps and (I think) some hollowed-out Buckthorn limbs that have little areas that I can plant ferns and what-not.  The Stumpery is (currently) unplanted and will continue to evolve over time (hopefully), but it is the first real attempt at adding just a little bit of personality via what they call a "Garden Vignette".    

I was out there and decided to try to make a little (short) wattle fence around the front of the Stumpery using some of the limbs that fell off this season.  Below is a photo showing the small section of wattle that I quickly put together - it is about 3-feet-long and less than six-inches-tall:

I've long thought about wattle fences - using whips of willow trees - but haven't pulled one off.  Each season, I prune up my espaliers and haven't thought of using those in a wattle fence, but that ends now.  

One of my 2024 goals is to continue to add more garden vignettes - and show a little personality along the way.   I have a number of posts full of inspiration that I've collected this Fall that I'll get around to posting as the winter doldrums hit in the coming weeks.  

Below are a few photos showing different angles of the stumpery and wattle fence working together.  And, a few closer looks at some of the pretty fungus that is growing on the stumps this Fall/Winter:


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