Illinois Should Bring Back the Blue Line License Plates - December 2023

We popped down to Wally's Gas Station (our version of Buc-ee's on I-55 near Bloomington) and I nocied this magnet display that included a Wally's-branded magnet in the design of our old, blue-topped State of Illinois license plates.  These were the plates that I grew-up with and feel quite a bit more iconic that the ones we currently have in Illinois.

This is what we have now - below.  It has half-an-Abe on the left, shows the Sears Tower and the State of Illinois Capitol dome.  There appears to be a windmill in the middle to represent our agricultural base.  

But, they stink.  

Why can't we have the blue-topped ones back?  There are literally DOZENS of special plates you see on the road.  University ones.  Charity ones.  

Why not a vintage Illinois one?  Come on, Alexi.  Stop trying to put points on the board with the silly book-banning stuff and focus on the job that matters most as the Secretary of State:  Drivers licenses and license plates.  

Look at that Wally's magnet.  It's iconic.  Make it happen.

The Illinois plate - if re-introduced - would rival these from California and Colorado (which are pretty great plates).

I think I have a 2024 project on my hands:, anyone?  


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