V2 Winter Arrangement - Evergreens, Crabapple, Curly Willow and Eucalyptus - December 2023

Yesterday, I posted a couple of photos of my first winter (evergreen) arrangement that I put together using foraged materials and a vintage Santa planter that we had on hand.  As is wont to happen around here, things took off fast and winter arrangements are my entire personality right now.  I've put together a number of them and have added an even wider array of materials - some foraged and some bought. 

Below is one of these V2 winter arrangements.

It features crabapple branches (for some red), eucalyptus (from TJ's), some Magnolia leaves and a number of different evergreens - pines, cedars, juniper and firs.  There's also a couple of different branches in this one - curly willow and red (might be dogwood) uprights.

I made four of these (all a little bit different) and put them in vases from Goodwill.  This one is a Hoosier Glass 4090 (Green Swirl) that I was drawn to at the store on Ogden Ave.   The other ones are in reds and/or clear vases - all from GoodWill.  


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